2 : 4 DI Nitro Chloro Benzene

Nitrochlorobenzene, DI Nitro Chloro Benzene, HDPE bags, ISO tankers SS, Tanker, KG Drums, Intermediate For Acid, Dyes & Pigments, Di Chloro Nitro Benzene, Meta Toludine, Di Chloro Aniline, Para Toludine, Chloro Sulphonic Acid
Commercial name 2:4 DNCB
Chemical name 2:4 Nitrochlorobenzene
Emperical Formula C6H5Cl(NO2)2
Molecular Weight 202.5
U.N. No 1577
IMDG No. 6052
Class 6.1
Product Specification
Physical Properties
Appearance Yellowish
Form Flake /Fused
Impurity 0.2% maximum
Set Point 47 oC to 49 oC
Chemical Properties
Assay by GLC 99% min.
PNCB 0.5% max
2,6 DNCB 0.5% max
Packing 250 kg drums, 50 kg HDPE bags, ISO tankers & SS, Tanker
Uses Sulphur Black, intermediate for acid, reactive dyes & pigments
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