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October 1

In 2017

Panoli Intermediates (India) Pvt. Ltd. has re-started Nitro Toulene plant of 8,000 MTPA.
October 1

In 2015

Panoli Intermediates (India) Pvt. Ltd. had started a plant of H Acid, Ortho Nitro Anisole, Ortho Anisidine and Calcium Chloride (Granular) as part of diversification.
October 1

In 2013

Kutch Chemical Industries Ltd. had set up a plant of 2-Ethyl Hexyl Nitrate with installed caopacity of 36,000 MTPA.
October 1

In 2011

Kutch Chemical Industries Ltd. had set up Value added product Thionyl Chloride with capacity of 50,000 MTPA.
October 1

In 2009

as a part of vertical integration Panoli Intermediates (INDIA) Ltd. has commissioned facility of 10,000 MTPA of Hydrogenetion based products.
October 1

In 2006

Kutch Chemical Industries Ltd. had set up Sulphuric Acid plant at a Gandhidham as part of its backward integration plan with capacity of 2,36,000 MTPA
October 1

In 2004

To cater (to) the International Market, Kutch Chemical Industries Ltd. was set up near the port town of Gandhidham, Years of experience in this industry has gone into design this integrated complex.
October 1

In 2002

As part of its forward integration plan, Panoli Intermediates (India) Pvt Ltd. commissioned a unit to manufacture Nitro Chioro compounds at Nandesari, to avail benefit of Common Industrial effluent treatment plant.
October 1

In 1999

Panoli Intermediates (India) Pvt. Ltd, went on stream at Jhagadia, to manufacture Chlorinated Aromatic Compounds, by having Chlorine through pipeline from adjacent Chloro alkali plant.
October 1

In 1982

International Dyestuff Industries came up with diversification into Dye Intermediates.
September 29

In 1977

Goyal Group was started as a small Plasticizer unit at Nandesari, near the industrial town of Vadodara, has today evolved into one of India's leading manufacturer of Chlorination and Nitration processed products