Ortdo Toludine (OT)

Tricyclazole, Alancycarb, Pharma, Chloromycin, Bisolvon, Dyes, Sulphur, Para Toludine, Chloro Sulphonic Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Oleum 23%, Oleum 65%, Vinyl Sulphone (Acetanilide Base), Vinyl Sulphone (Ortho Anisidine Base), Calcium Chloride, Hydrichloric Acid (HCL).
Molecular Formula C7H9N
Molecular Weight 107.20
CAS No. 95-53-4
Appearance Colorless to Amber Colored Liquid
Moisture 0.2 % min
Specific Gravity 1.003 at 20 oC
Purity 99.5%min
Packing 200kgs. MS Drum
End Use Pesticides as Tricyclazole & Alancycarb, Pharma as Chloromycin & Bisolvon, Dyes like Sulphur Blue & Red redical.
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