Para-Nitro Chloro Benzene (PNCB)

Dyes, Pigments, Pharmaceuticals, Paracetamol, Phenacetin, Pesticides and Rubber Chemicals, Plasticizer Products, Dyes Intermediates Products, Sulphuric Acid Group Products, Hydrogenation Products, Nitration Products, Chlorination Products.
Molecular Formula 157.56
Appearance Light Yellow Flakes
Moisture 0.05% Maximum
Set Point 82 oC
Purity 99.4% W/W Minimum
ONCB 0.5% W/W Maximum
Others 0.15% W/W Maximum
Packing 50 kg's HDPE bags with Liner
USES Intermediates for Dyes, Pigments, Pharmaceuticals (Paracetamol, Phenacetin etc.), Pesticides and Rubber Chemicals
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